James Bond Lotus Esprit corgi cc04514

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James Bonds iconic Lotus Esprit as seen in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Corgi 1:36 Scale CC04514



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James Bond Lotus Esprit corgi cc04514.
Corgi 1:36 Scale diecast model of  James Bond Lotus Esprit corgi cc04514 as seen in the film The Spy who loved me.
One of the most iconic vehicles to emerge from Q Branch, the Lotus Esprit featured in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ is capable of both driving on land and underwater, transforming into a submarine in a matter of seconds. Armed with an array of gadgets including surface to air missiles, the highly versatile Lotus later makes a memorable return to land amongst a packed beach of astonished beachgoers.
Corgi CC04514
Deployable Submarine Gear.
Firing Missle Launchers.
1:36th Scale.
Adult Collectable.
Ages 14+

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