SPACE SHUTTLE “Endeavour” (STS-88) 1:400 scale


1:400 Scale Space Shuttle “Endeavour” (STS-88) Dragon Space collectables.

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This 1:400 scale precision model from Dragon of the Space shuttle¬†“Endeavour”, is fully finished and pre-painted.

The Endeavour was the last of the 6 space shuttles to be built.
Construction was authorized in 1987 by congress as a replacement for the Challenger shuttle that was lost in the tragic accident of 1986.
Built using spares left over from the construction of Discovery and Atlantis it was deemed cheaper than to build it from scratch.
Endeavour was named after Captain James Cooks ship “Endeavour” which was the ship he used on his first voyage of Discovery in 1768-71.

The Space shuttle Endeavour’s 20 year history incorporated 25 trips into space with the latter trips revolving aound trips to the ISS.

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