James Bond Q Glider Corgi CC03601


James Bond 007 Q Glider Corgi CC03601



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James Bond Q Glider Corgi CC03601.
This distinctive two-seater folding wing glider developed by Q-Branch, was used by James Bond and agent Nomi to storm The Poisoned Garden. The island base of the villainous Safin in the film No time to die.
Designed for air-launched infiltration missions, the Q Glider was the ideal vehicle as the island required a rapid yet stealthy approach which only the  Q glider was capable of achieving. Dropped from a Royal Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster in a compact form, the glider immediately springs open into a deployed flight configuration that, upon reaching surface level, transforms again into a submersible for the final arrival at Safin’s base.

James Bond Q Glider Corgi CC03601
Length 14.7cm
Scale Fit the box
Ages 14+

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Weight 1000 g


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