Arthur Dallas Alien Figure Eaglemoss

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Captain Arthur Dallas (Alien) Eaglemoss Alien & Predator Figurine Collection.

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Arthur Dallas Alien Figure Eaglemoss.
The alien and predator figurine collection: Captain Arthur Dallas.
Arthur Dallas is the Captain of the USCSS Nostromo.
The Nostromo is the star freighter that made the fateful visit to LV-426 in the 1979’s film Alien after the ship’s computer detects a mysterious signal coming from the remote planetoid.
This Captain Arthur Dallas Figurine captures his full Nostromo Jumpsuit Spacesuit as he cautiously begins to investigate – along with his flamethrower plus flashlight.

Product Code: ALNUK006
Material: Metallic Resin
Height including  Base 13 cm
Eaglemoss Collections
Collection: Alien & Predator Figurine Collection


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Weight 800 g


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